WoW Wednesday: OMG! SNOW!

This is the view out my back door right now.  It’s still snowing.  And the power just did a little blink on and off.  So, naturally, I’ve been playing WoW. 🙂

My priest finally hit 80 a couple of days ago and so I’ve ventured into my first heroics.  They’ve gone relatively well, although most people doing heroics are way better geared than I am at this point.  The irony.  You have to do heroics to get the gear, but then people make fun of your gear when you’re in one.  I’m also grinding reputation points, which will allow me to get some good gear and enchants.  It’s pretty hard to manage both actually.  Grinding for rep takes a pretty long time, running long quest chains with each quest giving about 350 points in rep.  When you need 6000 or 12000 to get to where you want, that’s a long grind.  I can buy rep with emblems of triumph earned from running heroics, but it seems a waste when I should use those for gear.  I did shell out a couple to get my Wyrmrest rep up to honored and that netted me some new gear.

Because my gear isn’t quite up to par, running a dungeon right now can take longer than it would with a geared priest.  Which annoys some people.  But whatever.  I prefer running with my guildies, which I’ve done a little of.  Now, though, I’m taking a break for hot chocolate, a hot bath, and a good book.  Even on a day when one could play WoW all day, sometimes a break is good.  Still, I hope to be geared enough to run them more quickly and/or run a raid by the weekend.  I have goals, after all.

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  1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? I have been cleaning our looong driveway all day.

    Are you going to be able to go teach your last class tomorrow? I was just wondering…

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