Survive the Recession: Become an adjunct

I had to laugh at this article in the New York Times, suggesting part-time college teaching as an option for un- or underemployed people.  Really?  Honestly, for the amount of time one puts in, you’d be better off waiting tables.  But I understand, you’ve got your Ph.D., why waste it as a waitress.  I do like my part-time gig, but if I were looking to make an actual income, I don’t think part-time teaching is what I’d be pursuing.  I agree with the article that there are a lot of intangible benefits to teaching part time.  But it also glosses over the generally poor treatment of adjuncts and all the complex reasons for the fact that there’s such a demand for adjuncts in the first place.

6 Replies to “Survive the Recession: Become an adjunct”

  1. Phew! Your first lines make it clear that you’re just being sarcastic in the title, ’cause when I saw it I went “What?!” and had to check what it was that you were saying ;-).

  2. Not to mention that it’ll further perpetuate the belief among college administration that adjuncts are a cheap, easy and plentiful source of labor, which isn’t good for anyone. (Which is probably what you’re implying in your last sentence.)

  3. Yes, exactly, ianqui. And I don’t like the NYT for creating more supply. As long as colleges think there are plenty of people out there willing to work part-time for the cheap wages they offer, they won’t create full-time positions or even viable part-time ones.

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