Snow Day!

After 28.5 inches of snow over the weekend, they’re predicting another foot or more overnight.  School has already been canceled.  I’ve already posted an online assignment for my students.  I have to trek in no matter what on Thursday because it’s the last day of class.  The kids are happy because it’s the first snow during the week.  Both heavy snows this year occurred over the weekend and were cleared away in time for school on Monday.

What am I going to do with my snow day?  Probably play online, play some board games, drink hot chocolate, maybe even go outside and build a snowman.  What do you do on snow days?

One Reply to “Snow Day!”

  1. Sadly, the major thing I’m doing on tomorrow’s snow day is catching up on grading and class prep … but if I get that done, I have a lovely long weekend with no school work to do!

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