Back into the real world

Sort of.  The snow kept the kids out of school.  Mr. Geeky got sick.  So we’ve been hanging close to home.  But I have a list in front of me with things I need to do and I’m slowly crossing them off.  I did my taxes this morning.  I’ve done laundry and grocery shopping.  I wrote some thank you notes.  I’ve contacted someone about joining their 3-Day Walk team.  I used my cooking school gift certificate to sign up for two classes: one all about chocolate and another about meat.  I edited my resume and filled out online profiles for potentially working at an independent school.  I even wrote for a little while yesterday.

I still have more to do.  I need to get back into a workout routine.  The icicles killed the side view mirror on the mini-van, so that needs to be fixed.  I’m working on some financial stuff that’s not absolutely necessary, but might be useful.  And I’m going to be looking for even more ways to connect with people.  I think that what I’ve tried over the last year hasn’t been what I wanted, so I just need to keep trying.