Time gets tighter

I’ve become accustomed to a certain flow around here, a flow that goes pretty slowly most days.  But now, with a class that meets from 10-12, a half-hour commute, lunch, exercise . . . suddenly, here I am at 2:38, finally with some time to myself.  Luckily, I don’t need to plan class tomorrow.  Over lunch I reviewed my notes and while I exercised, I listened to a podcast on the topic of tomorrow’s discussion.  I’m thinking I’ll write on alternate days, so that this week, I’ll write on Tuesday/Thursday and next week, I’ll write on MWF.  And yes, I do have from 2:30ish until, say, dinner, to do something.  But there’s the kid corralling to do and the general distraction they cause when they’re around.  And, there’s still housework.

And . . . I walked away from this before I finished thanks to one of those distractions.  Also, I have been suffering from on of my major headaches for the last few days.  It’s pretty mild, disappearing altogether sometimes. Like during class, I didn’t notice it at all.  But now, it’s back.  I took ibuprofen, which may or may not relieve the pain.  It’s always hit or miss.  Having these things really sucks.  Though I can function, a lot of times I don’t really feel like it.  One of the biggest side effects besides the pain is fatigue.  It feels as though I haven’t slept for days.  It makes having even a mildly packed schedule a challenge.

2 Replies to “Time gets tighter”

  1. How long is this class? Just a few weeks, right? I’d cut housework to a bare minimum if you can, so that your writing time isn’t totally eviscerated. I hope your head feels better soon!

  2. Yeah, it’s just five weeks. And yes, I’m cutting housework to a minimum. I did a lot last week so that it wouldn’t be a complete disaster this week. I think–crossing fingers–that the headache is gone now.

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