Things hanging over my head

A WoW Wednesday post is coming soon, but I just wanted to send these thoughts into the blogosphere:

  • The mail needs to be sorted and dealt with
  • library books to return
  • a load of clothes that needs to be put into the dryer
  • a check that needs to be sent
  • a phone call to return
  • oh, and I need to call my mom
  • a pile of dirt that needs to be swept (don’t ask)
  • class planning
  • the book project
  • taxes

Those would be the mental cobwebs I can’t quite clear out.

2 Replies to “Things hanging over my head”

  1. You’re a brilliant technologist, gamer, and blogger, but sometimes I like these posts best. I like knowing that you’re also an overwhelmed woman/mom/housekeeper/daughter/wife, just like me. Keep chipping away and it will all get done!

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