So, the book for my course won’t be in until Friday.  We were supposed to cover four chapters this week.  My students are lost.  I did some lecturing today because if they haven’t read the material, I can’t expect them to discuss it.  One student had asked me to send her a copy of the chapter, which she forwarded to another student, but they hadn’t made it through the whole thing.  At least they had questions.  I was a bit disorganized in my lecturing since I hadn’t planned on doing that today, but I did my best.  Then, we did my planned group activity, which went okay, and I shuffled some things around in terms of assignments.  I’m having them do another lesson plan overnight, which we will discuss in class tomorrow and I had them get hooked up with an RSS reader and find a couple of blogs related to the course topics.  We’ll discuss those tomorrow as well.  But for most of the class, we’ll be working with specific tools.

I don’t mind improvising for class, and I’m pretty good at it, but I worry that this puts the students at a disadvantage.  I sense that some of the theory and foundational material isn’t that clear and I haven’t figured out a good way to deal with that.  I want to do a review of some kind, but don’t necessarily want to create it from scratch.  And the book material is kind of lame.  I’m going to keep looking for something that might work.