Friday Fun: Cartooning

First, a political cartoon.  I’ve actually gotten quite worked up about various things happening in politics these days.  Here’s a post that pretty much wraps up my thoughts.  Read some of the comments, too.  A few days ago, I decided that our government no longer really functions the way it should.  And I don’t think it in any way represents “the people.”  I don’t feel like my interests are at all represented and honestly, I don’t think my counterparts’ in the other party are either.  It seems to me it’s a small slice of either crazy people or corporations.  The vast majority of us are basically screwed.  So here’s a cartoon, which doesn’t make me feel any better, but seems right on the money (pun intended).

On the fun side, I’ve been working with animation tools for my class.  And they were very fun to play around with.  Here’s a little something I whipped up during class: Underdog! by lblanken

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

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  1. Well there is simple solution to this problem. Fixing the system so that politicians have a real stake in representing their constituents, such as yourself, would take too much time and energy. The easier solution would be for you to go crazy or become a corporation. Change your views so that they line up with the views of the powers that be, that way you’ll never not be represented.

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