First day over, on to the next

Yesterday’s class went okay, I think.  I had the students set up blogs and then make their first post.  Afterward, we discussed their posts and spent some time talking about what they had to say.  Then, we moved on to my lecturing, basically, about the first chapter of the book, which I’m not having them read, but which has some good key points that I wanted to cover.  I am not a good lecturer.  I didn’t make any slides or visuals, though I did pull up some web sites and I asked questions throughout, which got some responses and discussion.  But still, it’s a skill I should work on, even though I try to avoid lectures most of the time.  Sometimes, they’re just necessary.

Today, I don’t think I will lecture at all.  The students should have read the chapter, so should be prepared to discuss it.  And I’m planning to pair them up and work through a process together.  I feel pretty confident about the material, but the context is throwing me a little.  But I know I’ll settle in as we progress.