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  1. For kids, tweens, teens, to what extent do you think gaming counts as a “hobby” in terms of acquiring deep knowledge of a subject or area, social contacts, making learning fun, etc? I’m sure this has been addressed over and over, but I was thinking more generally about the value of “hobbies” as well as about the report discussed in yesterday’s NYT about the amount of time kids spend online. My husband is so discouraged that his 11 1/2-year-old daughter, who used to have great “enthusiasms” like ladybugs and dancing and complicated word games, no longer has or wants any hobbies — just to play Penguinland (whatever it is) online and take lame Facebook quizzes. (But I thought back to 1964/65 and remember the dominance of trolls and slam books.) Wee don’t have much influence — divorce situation. You’ve written that you’ve limited online time with good results. With kids, I guess it’s generally a “cultivate your own backyard” approach unless you have the opportunity to be involved in some kind of youth group or teach. Jumping sideways from the issues of “leisure” and “work” — what about adults and “hobbies”? Certainly cooking is a hobby that can be relaxing and practical. Do you feed and watch birds in your yard? What about studying something new and interesting that has no obvious practical application in your personal or professional life, even to the extent that it seems random or “steals” time from real responsibilities? Just thinking out loud abotu what refreshes, expands, brings joy….

  2. Bring on the posts… I never find anything boring, really. Although sometimes I’m stupid enough to say that my own blog is boring and then keep on posting “boring” things and getting annoying anonymous comments about them.

    I really don’t know what to ask, sorry… my mind is a big void right now.

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