And so it ends

Dove Series 2
Image by lorda via Flickr

Tonight is the last night of our vacation.  Tomorrow, we will get up early and move through the routines of showers and breakfast, lunches and carpools.  When I took all the decorations off the tree, I felt a tad bit sad at saying goodbye to the holiday.  I really do love this bright spot in the middle of a dark winter.  When I took a bath yesterday, I looked as usual out the window at the one oak branch I can see.  Often, there are one or two mourning doves that huddle there in the nook of the L-like branch.  They are gray and brown like the tree and blend in perfectly. Yesterday, there were 5 or 6 of them, huddled together against the cold.  Suddenly, just below them, there was a shock of red against all the gray.  A red-headed woodpecker had joined them and was pecking away, trying to get a snack.  I called to the kids and Mr. Geeky to come see, but they thought I was crazy.

Today was cold and windy.  We turned on a fire.  I nursed a small hangover, eating a bologna and mustard sandwich.  I went to the grocery store, did the rest of the laundry.  Mr. Geeky graded.  We fell into the routines of everyday life again.  I like the routine like the birds lined up on the branch.  Like them, we huddled together for most of our winter holiday, but we’ve also enjoy some bright moments, lights, good food, and shared laughter.  I’ll miss that, but will be looking for those bright moments to get me through the long winter ahead.

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