WoW Wednesday: Winter Veil

It’s Winter Veil time in WoW, which means achievements and general frivolity.  Here, for example, are snowmen dancing, which is part of the Frosty Shake Achievement.  You can also dress up in Santa gear, get presents, and drink egg nog.  You can also have virtual snowball fights! I’m almost done with my Winter Veil achievements, just waiting for the gifts on Christmas day!

A couple of sites are giving away pets and other items as part of the holiday season. is having a Twelve Days of Winter Veil giveaway.  The current gift is one of the new pets, the monk or the panda.  WoW Achievements is having a 12 Days of Grunty giveaway.  They’re giving away . . . gruntys, which are little murloc marines.  Who doesn’t want one of those? They’re on day 11, so you only have a couple more days.

In game, you can also buy wrapping paper and give gifts to your friends.  It’s very festive!  If you’re looking for a virtual gift for me, I can always use titanium ore.  It’s a girl’s best friend!