WoW Wednesday: Cross Training

With so much actual WoW playing going on, I almost forgot it was Wednesday.  Actually, I’ve pretty much lost track of the days.  I do know tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.

So anyway, I’ve been leveling my priest a lot, even taking her into a dungeon or two to heal.  And she’s been doing pretty well, until she got to Northrend.  And then, it all fell apart.  But I’m learning, and not just about being a healer, but about being a tank and a dps-er too.  Being a healer gives me a completely different perspective on the game.  I am usually at a distance from the action (so as not to incur damage) and can see what everyone is doing.  I can now tell good tanks from bad ones.  Good tanks can take a lot of damage and don’t let anyone else take damage.  Bad tanks are often not geared well enough to sustain the damage and/or can’t control the mobs.  I have more bad tank moments than good ones myself.  Good tanks also pay attention to what’s going on, being aware, for example, when their healer is out of mana.  As a healer, I can also see when a dps pulls aggro, attacks the wrong mob, etc.  When the healing is going smoothly, I am just in a better position than most to see all of this.  So, now when I switch back to dps, I’m aware of what I need to do to make the healer’s life a little easier (and the tank’s).  And when I tank (a rarity, but it actually happened today), I do the same.

I think everyone should play a few different roles, so that they have a better understanding of how everything works.  Go try to tank or be a mage or a priest.  It might mean that you don’t yell at the tank once you realize how hard it is to do.  More importantly, it will probably mean that you play your own role better.  And you can help others as they learn, making suggestions that are specific to the situation with an understanding of various roles.

This is a dictum easily applied to life, of course.  The saying “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” is one of many related to empathy/sympathy, but more importantly is the idea that one really tries to see things from another’s perspective, both so that one can understand that person better, and so that you can see your own position better.  It doesn’t mean agreeing with the other person or approving of them, but understanding where they come from.