Friday Fun: New Digs!

I know normally Friday Fun involves funny cats or stick figure drawings, but to me, playing around with new platforms is fun.  I’ve had hosting for a long time now and just set up this new domain and installed WordPress.  Took me about ten minutes.  No, really.  Though I can poke around in the innards if I want, I don’t have to, and that’s what I like about WordPress.  I’m looking forward to having more options here, to being able to change the look when I want to, to generally have more control.  So yippee!

9 Replies to “Friday Fun: New Digs!”

  1. I’ve been using WordPress for (scratches head) three years? Three and a half? I keep getting tempted to try a self hosted solution for fun but the benefits seem to be limited to being able to pile in large quantities of javascripted widgets and similar junk and I quite like the lean, clean look enforced by the refusal to submit to laissez-faire widgetisation.

  2. Cool, looks great here! So what are you using for comments now? Is this the comment section that just comes with WordPress? I am a WP novice but would like to learn more (am thinking about switching from blogger).

  3. Hooray for WordPress! I don’t run it on my own server, but I switched over from Blogger a few years back (!!) and have been completely happy. Love the new look!

  4. Kate, I’m using the standard comment section, which varies by template. I suspect after the holidays, with a new template, this will look different, but function similarly. You know there’s, right? That’s a hosted option. Pretty flexible compared to blogger, though not quite as flexible compared to hosting it yourself.

  5. I’m digging the new digs, nothing like a domain of one’s own, and geekymomblog is quite the url. Congrats on graduating from blogger 😉 and loving the xmas theme—just imagine themes you can find and/or create, and upload–one most manage their own blog—it is what makes this space fun.

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