So, my comments are gone.  Haloscan was bought out, and, unfortunately, they want to charge for their comment system.  So I exported 7,456 comments, over five years’ worth of comments.  All the old posts have no comments now.  I think this one will have comments–we’ll see.  And all that crap under recent comments–no clue.  Sigh.  It was a good run.  We’ll miss you Haloscan.

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  1. Testing, testing? (Taps glass)

    Five years of comments! Still, I find Akismet pretty reliable for catching spam after the first few posts. It does seem to need a period of ‘training’, though I have no technical basis for that theory.

  2. Yeah, Phantom. I exported mine, but have no way of importing them anywhere at the moment. Might change the comment system here if I find one that allows imports. Not sure how they’d match posts to comments though.

  3. Nodding. The exported comments (I did export mine — more than 40K of them!) don’t seem to have anything in the file to connect them to particular posts. If you find some way of importing them, I’ll be interested to hear about it, for sure.

  4. Yikes. That is one short window of time to make the decision or to export your comments. And PS’s note that the exported comments don’t seem to be connected to posts is worrisome. At least when I’ve backed up on other systems (WordPress, MT, LJ), the comments have always been backed-up in sync with the post links!

  5. What a nightmare, have you found out anything about importing them to WP? Does haloscan sit on top of blogger? I’m fascinated by the idea of over 7000 orphaned comments, it makes me so sad I want to make a documentary.

  6. LOL, Jim. Only you would recommend making a film about lost comments. But there is an enormous amount of lost content in the age of the internet. I suspect that it’s not that different from the days when the Alexandria Library burned or when bugs and water and other disasters destroyed great works of literature and other important artifacts.

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