Coup d ‘etat

Hello and welcome to the 2nd entry of Geekboy’s posting on Tuesdays. If you are not used to this by now, I recommend you get used to it.

Today I’d like to bring you into my daily life. I think you’ll like it.

0000 – 0559 Sleep
0600 – 0610 Shower
0611 – 0630 More Sleep
0631 – 0635 Getting Dressed
0636 – 0645 Getting some Breakfast
0646 – 0700 Touching up
0701 – 0709 Scrambling Around
0710 – 0720 Carpooling
0721 – 0730 Waiting Around
0731 – 0955 Western Civilization
0956 – 1015 Home room
1016 – 1148 Creative Writing
1149 – 1231 Study Hall
1232 – 1305 Lunch
1305 – 1354 Study Hall
1355 – 1422 English
1423 – 1440 Trying to Get Home
1441 – 1850 Eating, Playing, Napping, Bothering Geekymom
1851 – 1940 Dinner
1941 – 2130 Ayche Dub (Code, if you break it, you get a prize)
2131 – 2399 Sleep

Rinse and Repeat.

Now that you know a little bit about me, you can now say hi to me on the street and be like “Heyyyyy I know you!” and I’ll be like “Yeah I get that a lot.” And then we’ll be good acquaintances

Now I was overloaded with questions this week so I will only answer one to make things fair.

How do I feel about limiting screen time during the school year?

Now very simply I like the phrase, everything in moderation. There should be a limit on screen time during the school year, because if there wasn’t, I wouldn’t get my work done. Neither would Geekymom or Geekygirl or Geekymom or Geekycat. We’d all be Fat ‘n Lazy, a Family Company.

All in all, there should be a limit on screen time during the school year, but you should also make sure you leave time for any form of entertainment. I think kids ages like 8 – 18 should all be allowed the same amount of time. It’s important to have fun. An hour a day keeps the stress away.

I’ll leave this spot open for more questions 🙂