Twitter is my new information source

I’ve already blogged recently the ways in which Twitter has enhanced my ability to connect to people and collaborate with them. Today I bring you a story of Twitter bringing me news before CNN or anyone else could. Yesterday, I was clearing out my inbox, when Barbara S. sent me a direct Twitter message informing me that the U of R was under lockdown and that I should pay attention to Jim Groom’s tweets. Well, several of my Twitter friends are at the U of R, so glancing at my feed, I realized there was a play by play of the whole situation. I sent my well wishes and continued to follow the action.

The whole incident was written up in the Chronicle’s Wired Campus Blog, a fact I found out via Twitter. This happens to me all. the. time. I really do get good information from Twitter, links to products, links to research, quick answers to questions. It really is a cool tool.