RBOC: Weekend Edition

  • Christmas shopping has begun. Most has occurred online in my pjs. We’re trying not to be extravagant and not to add to people’s clutter. Consumable goods and “experience” gifts–spa treatments, lessons, etc.–are at the top of our list.
  • Speaking of consumable, one of the most ideal gifts for several people in my family would be a wine-of-the-month club or beer-of-the-month club, but the archaic way our country and states deal with alcohol makes it impossible. Note to winemakers and distributors: you’re missing out.
  • We’ll be getting a tree and getting out decorations today. Should be fun.
  • I’m very behind on blog reading. The last week left almost no time to do any reading, plus I need to shift when I do that reading now that I’m not doing it in the morning.
  • I’m really looking forward to some time off. I’ve been working extremely hard the last few weeks and I suspect the next couple will also be hard, wrapping up all kinds of loose ends that unraveled while I was working on a big project. At least I’ve had my weekends.
  • I have some more involved posts brewing that I will hopefully get to today after the decorating is done.