If I can read two books at once . . .

. . . can I write two books at once? I cheated. I admit it. I cheated on my book by working on another one. But the other one is easier. It had been running around in my head trying to get out for weeks. I had to let it go. Will I get back to the first book? I know I will, cause it’s running around in my head too.

None of the advice I read to writers says anything about writing two books at once. Everyone seems to assume that you just plow through one project at a time. I just don’t function well that way. Probably yet another reason why I couldn’t finish the Ph.D., all that energy focused on one narrow thing. I like change, freshness. I’m not exactly bored with the first project, but I’m rewriting large chunks of it–the first 100 pages, so I’m not writing new stuff, just making the old stuff fresher. So, I needed to have some fresh stuff to write, thus the other book.

I think I’m crazy. I must lack focus or something. The thing is, I’ve been working on the first book for almost two years now. I can only write at night and on the weekends, very piecemeal, because not every night is conducive to writing. I would like to finish just one project even if it sucks, just to say I did it. I think the second book is more likely to be finished before the first one. We’ll see. Of course, if I win the lottery, I might be able to quit my job and finish both.