Initial Musings

I’m coming off a week of training students in Web Design and Multimedia–five days, 8 hours a day. They’re an interesting group of students, all with different talents and ideas. Although it is really intense to be helping seven students at once with a wide variety of questions–how do you do a rollover and what is a motion tween anyway–it’s neat to see their progress.

To give you an idea of the kinds of things I do–with school out and all–here’s what transpired today. I assigned a student to teach a professor how to edit video using iMovie; I helped a staff member scan a document to send to alums; I helped another staff member edit a web page and re-post it. Then I copied a DVD–homemade–for another professor. I also listened to 20 progress reports on the projects the above students were working on. All coming along–course it’s only been a week.

Once things settle down a bit–next week–I hope to have some meatier musings.