Teaching Soft Skills

Laura/ February 5, 2016

I think I write about this a lot because I think it’s honestly the most important thing we can teach.  Soft skills mean different things to different people.  Some think of them as skills like critical thinking and collaboration.  Some think about them as being resilient (or having grit).  Anya Kamenetz outlined some of these different skill sets in an

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Coming back from chaos

Laura/ February 3, 2016

Work productivity is mostly a matter of having mental energy, but productivity around the house involves physical ability, which, you know, I don’t have much of right now.  But I took a stab at it yesterday.  Laundry is one of the hardest things for me to do because it involves carrying baskets of clothes from one place to another.  I’ve

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Productivity breeds productivity

Laura/ February 1, 2016

And maybe success breeds success.  I had a lot of both this weekend.  First on the success front.  I went up the stairs forwards like a semi-normal person.  I still can’t really go down.  I contemplated it this morning and decided it was too risky.  So, on my bottom it still is.  And I was able to sleep without help

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To teach you must learn

Laura/ January 30, 2016

Most of the teachers I spend time with are also learners.  They don’t see themselves as experts conveying information to their students.  They see themselves as learners who are a little further along the path than their students in some areas.  I am at this moment, missing Educon, a conference I’ve attended every year for the last 5 or 6

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Lack of Motivation

Laura/ January 28, 2016

I think about motivation a lot.  I try to understand what motivates my students, what makes faculty want to improve their teaching or participate in professional development.  I know that what motivates me may not motivate my students or fellow faculty.  I sometimes have to give myself little incentives to get through tasks I don’t really like.  So I’ll say

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Balancing (on one foot)

Laura/ January 13, 2016

Finding balance isn’t easy, either literally or figuratively.  I’m making do on the literal front thanks to crutches, a knee scooter, and improved muscle strength in my right leg and my arms.  I worry every once in a while that I’m going to forget that my left foot doesn’t work and try to use it.  I sometimes think to myself, Don’t

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Laura/ January 3, 2016

Tomorrow, school begins again. I am sort of looking forward to it, but also know that it’s going to be a much different return than in the past.  Unlike previous years where the break has given me an opportunity to rest, reorganize and set goals, this year, the break has certainly given me time to rest, but my lack of

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The End

Laura/ December 31, 2015

The year is just hours away from being over.  Lots of people are reflecting on the old year and making plans for the new.  I don’t think I’m making resolutions this year.  My year ended in such a way that I’m more aware than ever that the best laid plans often go astray.  If I have a resolution at all,

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Laura/ December 20, 2015

I don’t have much, thankfully, but while I’ve been thinking about it, worrying about it, etc., I decided to figure out what it was.  I looked up how pain works and how painkillers work.  Fascinating stuff. Pain is not very well understood actually.  And everyone experiences it differently.  Different people have different pain tolerance and that can change depending on age,

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Foot blogging

Laura/ December 19, 2015

When last I wrote, I was discussing overcoming the difficulties of being immobile.  Since that post, I have undergone surgery on my foot.  I now have metal and pins of various kinds in my foot, one pin is even outside my foot–fun.  I’m confined to my couch for now, getting up only to use the restroom.  I will get to

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