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At the end of last year, I told one of my students that I thought one of the most valuable things that studying Computer Science teaches you is about systems.  And I explained that I meant that broadly.  Sure, you might learn about specific systems in the process of doing CS work, but just getting the opportunity to do that […]

Women in CS: Don’t read the comments

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I’m giving a talk in a couple of months about the problem of so few women in Computer Science and the Tech Industry.  Of course, I’m emphasizing the ways we’ve approached the problem at my school.  And this is an area where I’ve been constantly reading, but I’m doing my due diligence, and backing up my statements with actual data. […]

Alphabet Browser

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Once again, Collin brings on the fun.  He tried typing each letter into the address bar to see what the first thing that popped up was.  Here’s mine: a – b – c – d – e – f – g – h – i – j – jules thin crust k […]

Working Conditions

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For the last week, an article from the New York Times about the working conditions at Amazon has been making the rounds on social media.  It’s worth reading the whole thing, but the gist is: Amazon works you to the bone and you can’t take time off even if you’re sick, just had a baby, or your husband died yesterday. […]

The purging continues

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I finished up the giant paper pile.  I still think there’s a box or two in the attic, but the attic is a project unto itself.  It feels great to have no pile of mail by the door, no drawer full of 10 year old receipts.  I only have 5 folders.  One is working on, one is sentimental stuff that […]

EdCamp gets $2M

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I was so excited to read this morning that the EdCamp Foundation got $2 million from the Gates Foundation to do their work.  A little over 5 years ago, I happened to see an announcement about this unconference happening in Philly to bring teachers together to do their own professional development.  I was about to start my first K-12 teaching […]

Five things

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I’ve been spending a lot more time on Facebook this summer.  There are things I definitely don’t like about it, but for killing time–sometimes productively–it’s not so bad.  It often surfaces articles and issues that never make it to my Twitter feed or my blog reader.  I just have a different set of people there.  Colin is one of those […]

When things aren’t in order

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Twice yesterday, I stopped and thought something along the lines of, “where did I put that?” It was nothing important. In one case, it was a sweater I bought last year that I really liked. I couldn’t remember seeing it in my cleanup process. I was with Geeky Girl when I did this, and it annoyed her. It annoyed me […]

Just do it

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On of my biggest issues with my clutter problem is procrastination.  Only with housework is this an issue for me.  I was not a big procrastinator in school for the most part, nor do I procrastinate at work.  But I look at a load of laundry to fold, shrug and move on.  It doesn’t help that Mr. Geeky is the […]

What if?

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While camping, I finished Randall Munroe’s book What if: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions?  If you haven’t read it, you should.  I’ve been and xkcd fan for years, and I love science-y, geeky things, plus humor so the book was great.  I actually learned some things, too, like what’s really happening when objects enter the atmosphere. When I […]